Joining USV Protos

USV Protos is the most fun student volleyball club in Utrecht! We were founded way back in 1957, which makes us one of the oldest student volleyball associations in the Netherlands. In 1991, we changed our name to USV Protos, which means ‘the first’, and we’ve honoured our name ever since: Protossers aren’t just first in their fanaticism about volleyball, we’re also the first to make Sportcentrum Olympos the most exciting place in Utrecht during training evenings and home games.

Volleyball at the national level!

Around 230 members divided among seven men’s teams and 11 women’s teams all make their own personal contribution to the club’s success. USV Protos Men’s 1 team will play in the national-level Topdivision this season. Men’s 2 made it to the 2nd division, as did Protos Women’s 1. The other Protos members play in teams up to the fourth class. But no matter what team you play in, there are no limits to fun and team spirit in Protos, and the many activities and celebrations the club organises throughout the year are the ultimate proof.

Fun and activities

Each season traditionally begins with an introduction camp, and two mixed tournaments are organised each year. The club also has its own periodical, het Naadje (the Seam), which keeps team members informed about all the gossip within Protos. And naturally, the club hosts some unforgettable parties, often together with other associations. Each year, the gala committee organises a gala ball, in February we all go on a ski trip together, and in May we always conclude the season with the open grass volleyball tournament, Protos INN. Protos also works on improving its name awareness and reputation among the outside world, so every season the PR committee organises a Contacts Day. USV Protos has no fewer than 21 different committees, and therefore many active members!

So there are plenty of reasons to come by Olympos and experience the Protos atmosphere for yourself.


The membership costs for Protos include the membership fee and the OlymPas access card for Olympos.


The USV Protos membership fees (2022-2023) are:

– € 65.50 for members who train once per week and play in competitions
– € 93.00 for members who train twice per week and play in competitions


In addition to the membership fees, you must also purchase an OlymPas or club card at the Olympos sports desk or online. Click here for more information and prices. Members who aren’t enrolled for a full year will be charged an extra € 28.00 for USV Protos, as we receive less subsidy funding for these members.

Match uniform

You will also need to purchase a match uniform. Click here for more information about the uniforms.

Become a member

Are you interested in playing with our club, and would like some more information, or would you like to come and try out? Then fill in the no-obligation form below. The Technical Committee will contact you at the first possible opportunity. Protos has a waiting list, so it might take some time before you are contacted. Women without experience can stay on the waiting list if they gain volleyball experience elsewhere, see ‘TC beleid’ under ‘verenigingsdocumenten’.

We look forward to meeting you soon!